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Types & Parts of Beef Cuts for Various Cooking Menus

Types & Parts of Beef Cuts for Various Cooking Menus

Each menu requires a different type of beef cut. Come on, get to know the types and parts of beef cuts for the following dishes:

Starting from being processed into rendang, beef soup or meat soup, to being stewed or grilled BBQ style, beef is one of the most popular food ingredients. However, did you know that if the menu you want to cook is different, the type of beef cut you need will also be different. This is because each type of beef has different characteristics ranging from fiber, texture, to fat content.

The types of beef cuts themselves are generally differentiated from where in the cow the meat is taken and the pattern and shape of the cut. Generally in Indonesia, several types of beef that are popular are internal beef, external beef and brisket. However, it turns out there are still lots of other parts and types of beef cuts, you know. Before deciding what kind of beef to cook today for your family at home, let’s first get acquainted with the following most common types of beef cuts:

1. Outside Beef (Sirloin)

This type of beef is also known as the sirloin cut. One of the most popular types of beef cuts because of its affordable price, this type of beef is taken from the bottom of the ribs to the outside of the inner ribs. The cut of beef has fine fibers but the texture is quite tough. For fans of steak which has a slightly chewy texture, this type of beef cut could be the right choice. Apart from being popular for being processed into steak, this cut of beef is also suitable for stir-frying or cooking for a short time.

2. Internal Beef (Tenderloin)

Taken from the middle of the body, precisely at the spine, shoulders and pelvis, tenderloin is a type of beef cut that has a much more tender texture than previous types of beef because the beef muscles in this part are thinner. used.

This type of beef cut is a favorite choice for fans of tender steaks with minimal fat. Apart from that, this type of beef is also suitable for making beef empal, rendang and meatballs. This part of beef is also known as wrap and fillet mignon.

3. Top Loin / Striploin

The next type of beef is a cut of top loin or strip loin which is taken from the part of the meat that covers the tenderloin. Also known as New York Cut, Kansas City Steak, Delmonico, and Shell Steak, this type of beef cut is known as a type of beef that is suitable for serving as steak. The fat content is slightly more than tenderloin but not as much as sirloin, making this type of beef cut have a tender but still juicy texture.

4. Brisket

If you plan to cook soupy dishes, then this next type of beef cut could be the right choice. The beef brisket or also known as Brisket is taken from the lower chest around the cow’s armpit. This type of beef has quite a lot of fat layers, making it suitable for processing into soupy dishes. In traditional markets, this type of beef cut is even known as 'rawonan’ or 'cut rawon’ beef because this cut of meat is very suitable for processing into rawon and other soupy dishes such as soup, soto, and even meat sours. .

5. Sengkel (Beef Shank)

The next type of beef cut is Sengkel or known as Beef Shank in English. This type of beef cut is taken from the upper front part of the cow’s leg. Because the muscles in this part of the meat are often used, the texture of this part of the beef tends to be tougher and drier than other cuts of beef and go now.

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