14 June 2024

Must Try Street Foods In Mexico City – Recommended by a Local

Must Try Street Foods In Mexico City – Recommended by a Local

The culinary scene in Mexico City is explosive and truly offers something for everyone. From the wide variety of very affordable street food vendors to fresh produce markets to urban, international restaurants, you’ll never run out of places to eat in Mexico City. My work in the advertising industry allows me to travel a lot, but I always look forward to coming home again according to https://www.elranchohanoverpa.com/.

My favourite thing about street food in Mexico City is how it has evolved from food traditionally cooked in poorer communities to the diverse culture it accommodates nowadays, and how you can find anything ranging from simple, traditional Mexican dishes to gourmet cuisine. Here are my recommendations for 10 must-try street foods in Mexico City to really experience eating like a local.


Tamales are one of the most popular choices for a street food breakfast in Mexico City. Tamal is made from corn masa that is then wrapped in a corn husk and filled with anything your heart desires. Meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables – the filling possibilities are endless. Tamales are my favorite street food breakfast at one of the city’s food markets.

Depending on the local traditions and seasonal ingredients, almost every state in Mexico has unique versions of tamales. The most common fillings in Mexico City are chicken and pork in a red or green mole. Often accompanying tamales is atole, a hot corn-based drink sweetened with unrefined sugar and flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon.


Tacos are an obvious choice when it comes to street food in the city. The usual fillings are meat-based but accommodating the spike in both locals and visitors with meat-free dietary requirements, you’ll also find really good vegetarian options.

Tacos Gus is a hidden gem for the vegetarian traveler where you’ll find some of the best tacos in Mexico City. With the wide variety of tacos, you’ll find on the streets of Mexico City, make sure you know your taco vocab! Al Pastor is one of the most popular options – filled with tender pork roasted on a giant spit and topped with onions and cilantro.


The Mexico City version of the classic sandwich, tortas consist of toasted telera bread or a bolillo roll filled with anything from meat to cheese to vegetables (this seems to be a recurring theme in the Mexican cuisine). With the endless options of filling variations for tortas, tacos, tamales and quesadillas, you’ll never have to wonder what to eat in Mexico City.

A few of the most popular fillings for tortas are chorizo, melted cheese, roasted pork, carnitas, avocado, jalapenos and a variety of beans. One of the best places to find tortas in Mexico City is El Esquina de Chilaquiles, a street food stall in the Condesa area. You can expect to pay around 40 MXN for a meal that will keep you going for the rest of the day. The stall is open every day from 08:00 until midnight.


Quesadillas have been adopted in many countries across the world, but they don’t come close to the traditional Mexican quesadilla. Similar to tacos, quesadilla are characterized by the use of longer tortillas. Despite what the name suggests, quesadillas aren’t always filled with cheese.

In fact, in Mexico City, they don’t come with cheese unless you specifically request it. Typical fillings include potatoes, cooked mushrooms, chorizo, and pulled meat with salsa. And cheese – should you ask for it? In Mexico City, there are mainly two variations of quesadilla. The first is yellow corn dough filled with your desired guisado and then deep fried. Secondly, gordita de chicharrón: corn dough filled with chicharrón (generally fried pork belly, although variations of chicken, mutton, and beef aren’t uncommon).

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