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Largest Cannabis User Countries

Largest Cannabis User Countries

Recent discoveries show how difficult it is for our country to overcome drug abuse so it doesn’t spread further. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Maybe preventing the entry of other types of narcotics into Indonesia can be done, but what about cannabis that is grown regularly around the environment?

Of course it becomes very difficult to control the knowledge that marijuana is a prohibited drug that should not be used carelessly. Why can a plant that is forbidden to be consumed grow in abundance around its environment? But not only for the people of Indonesia, several other countries continue to debate the legality of using cannabis.


As is known through the list above, Canada is a country with the largest cannabis users in the world. For people between the ages of 15-64, 32.7% have never used cannabis at least once. This amount is very large and because of that it was also recently that Canada legalized the use of cannabis in the country. So people in Canada can buy cannabis legally.

Papua New Guinea

Next is Papua New Guinea with a percentage of cannabis users of 29.5% of all people aged 15-64 years. A sizable number of course. However, this cannabis user is not legal in Papua New Guinea. Even though the cannabis plant thrives in the land of Papua New Guinea.


No kidding, Israel is also one of the countries with the largest cannabis users in the world. Ranked third, Israel has a percentage of 27% of people aged 15-64 years who have used it. It was even found that Israeli soldiers also consumed cannabis, and they accounted for almost half of all Israeli soldiers.


Countries in Africa are found to be the largest users of cannabis. But Ghana is one of the largest and ranks fourth in the world. The country of Ghana also has land where cannabis can flourish. Even now, the government is still discussing the possibility of legalizing or using it.


Have you heard of this country before? The Republic of Palau is between the Moluccas and the Philippines which is the area with the largest cannabis users in the world as well. As a tropical country, the growth of cannabis grown in this country is also very fertile. In accordance with his findings, although it is still illegal, people in this country produce and consume a lot of processed cannabis themselves.

Northern Mariana Islands

One of the countries that has legalized the use of cannabis is this Northern Mariana Island. Legalization set by the government in the use of cannabis is for users aged 21 years and over and for medical needs. However, this legalization has just taken place. Previously, even though it was still illegal, the people still actively consumed it.


Previously, marijuana users in Guam had become the third largest worldwide. But now it has decreased compared to other countries and ranks seventh. Even though previously it was only legal for use in the medical field, since 2019 last March finally the use of cannabis has been legal like alcohol and tobacco.


Until now the use of cannabis in Iceland is still illegal. However, the number of users has reached 18.3% of the total population aged between 15-64 years. Certainly a very large number with the rules of law in force. However, the use of cannabis in this country is not a new finding. Since 1969 its users have continued to grow and increase.

United States of America

The United States is still making marijuana use illegal throughout the country. However, because there are so many users that it even reaches 16.2% of the population aged 15-64 years, it seems that the punishment is getting weaker. This is what makes the number of cannabis users instead of decreasing instead it continues to increase in this country.

Sierra Leone

Another country with the largest cannabis users in the world, or reaching 16.1% of the total population aged 15-64 years, is Sierra Leone. The country also still classifies marijuana as illegal. But in practice, lots of people consume cannabis and even export it to other countries and make it a source of income and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by click here

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