19 May 2024

Cluster Explanation

Cluster Explanation

The concept of cluster houses or clusters has been widely applied in development in Indonesia. Cluster housing refers to the development of houses located in relatively close groups with a larger open space area using adjacent land. please click here

For information, cluster houses are in fact the target of many property seekers because they have a number of benefits. Among them is adjacent open space which is a good practice in land conservation. For example, just for your outdoor recreation. Not only that, it turns out that the grouping of cluster houses reduces the initial investment in infrastructure. This could be roads, utility lines, and the cost of maintaining and replacing public sector infrastructure.

On the other hand, this adjacent concept also allows you to get to know your neighbors better and develop a sense of community concern. So, even though clusters are not a new concept, there are quite a lot of enthusiasts considering a number of things above. Are you one of them too? The following is a more complete review of cluster houses.

Cluster homes are to enable residential, or even commercial development, while still protecting the environmental features of the area, allowing more open space, and protecting the farmland and community character.
Cluster developments typically place homes on smaller lots and place less emphasis on minimum lot sizes. On the other hand, in terms of total housing, or the density of a given area does not always exceed that permitted in traditional subdivision designs.

The same number of houses are clustered on a smaller part of the total available land. Then the remaining land is allocated to be converted into open space that is protected and shared by residents and possibly the whole community. If you are currently looking for a cluster house, the choice of a 3 bedroom house in Alam Sutera could be the option.
So far, cluster houses are also often considered similar to townhouses, but there are differences between the two which lie in the arrangement and layout. Townhouses are often allocated together with high-rise apartments whereas cluster housing developments consist only of landed houses. Also, townhouses are usually located on a uniform street block while cluster houses can be built in different shapes.

The property and real estate market is indeed very large and diverse. It can even make you confused when you want to decide to buy a house. The term townhouse covers properties with strata footprint within a condominium, whereas a cluster house is simply a group of landed houses with a similar design that share some common facilities.

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